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The Z-Twins radio stations (KYIZ and KRIZ) are the largest locally owned urban media outlet in the Pacific Northwest, and we would love to help you create an advertising plan to suit your needs and most importantly, get results.  Want to reach our loyal listeners and advertise on the air? Or maybe online at

Whatever your goals, we would love to have the opportunity to discuss  the numerous ways that a tailored marketing plan can help you and your business reap positive results and reach a new level of success. Contact us today to let us put together a marketing plan that fits your budget.

Ask us about our popular 10/10,  20/20 and 40 Day Freedom packages and about our Sunday radio ministry broadcasts.

COVID – Are you a restaurant or essential business that is still open but needs a marketing boost? If your business has been affected by COVID please call (206) 323-3070 ext. 111 for more information about our COVID small businesses program.

To discuss more specific details or if you have questions please contact Malika or one of our marketing account executives at (206) 323-3070.