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Documentary Explores the Dehumanization of African American Women in Music Videos

Warning: Explicit Language & Images

This is an educational film produced by college students for a Women and Media Course at Georgia State University that is sparking conversation about the portrayal of Black Women in Hip-Hop andR&B music videos….

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 6.26.41 AM
Source: African American Women in Music Videos Documentary

“This documentary is about the representation of African American Women in Music Videos and its impact in our society.The representation of African American women in music videos has had a negative light for a few decades. African American women have been displayed as an accessory in most rapper’s musical visual aids. With their physical portrayal as video vixens, backed by the negative effects of the lyrical meanings behind most rap and r&b music, the risky behaviors that the women of color presents are that of hyper sexuality which overtime is internalized and stereotyped.”


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